Fart In A Jar Entreprenuer Pivots To New Wild Business After Health Scare

Stepanie Matto, the entrepreneurial genius behind the Fart in a Jar craze, might've been forced to pinch her breaking wind career short due to a health scare, but that hasn't stopped this money-making machine from pivoting into a new jar genre.

Matto squeezed out earnings reportedly totaling $200,000 from her fart jars before a heart attack scare ended her run of blasting 50 farts a week into jars that sold for $1,000 per blast.

After giving fart NFTs a go, the business genius is now selling boob sweat in a jar and business is booming. “If boob sweat is the new side hustle, I’m here for it,” Matto told Jam Press. “It’s going to be a hot girl summer, and my boobs are sweating, so let’s bottle it and sell it!

BOOM, an Instagram model/TikTok star just created a new way to separate her fans from their money. And this isn't even exactly hard work. Matto tells Jam Press that 15 minutes of sitting in the sun can cook up 10 bottles that are sold for $500 each on her website.

"It ain’t easy work, but no one said it would be! Never thought I’d have this much in common with a maple tree! So excited to share these on my platform," Matto wrote to her fans on Instagram where one gentleman asked, "Can dudes get in this action and start selling ball sweat?"

That's a legitimate question. One has to believe it's doable if you can find a buyer for your ball sweat. It's 2022. You never know what's going to take off and turn into a moneymaker.

I know what you're thinking: Why would you give this woman the publicity she's desperately seeking. THIS IS WRONG!

Folks, we're pro-business, pro-money and pro-content.

If you can come up with a way to legally separate people from their cash, we have a duty to keep track of these business plans. Who am I to judge how someone blows through their paycheck from a warehouse job? Who am I to judge some old salty dog businessman getting lit up at the hotel bar and blowing $2,000 on farts in a jar during a 2 a.m. Internet session?

There is zero chance I'm hating on a woman who fires up Instagram Story to show a bear in her yard ruining her boob sweat deliveries for the week. This is why the Internet was created.

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