Fans Call 'The Voice' Racist Because Vote Didn't Turn Out Their Way

Fans of NBC's The Voice are up in arms after the show announced the finalists for its latest season's finale.

The show's top 4 finalists were selected by a fan vote. Power to the people, right? Unless of course, it doesn't go the way you want. In which case, call it racist.

All four were white. Of those four, three were country singers.

Meanwhile, the bottom 4 was comprised of non-white contestants. That group included, as Yahoo Music put it, "arguably Season 22’s strongest power-vocalists."

People who watched the show — not the contestants themselves, mind you —got mad and hopped on Twitter to voice their displeasure at a game/reality show.

Unfortunately, we live in a time when racism shoots to the top of peoples' lists of excuses when an outcome doesn't go their way. The vast majority of the time this ignores what's really happening, and this is one of those situations.

I've never seen the show, but what I gather from the outcome is that a lot of people who watch The Voice tend to like country music. Ergo, country musicians did well.

Is that racism, or were the people who voted just into a different type of music?

It's like if there was a hair metal festival, and on Saturday afternoon, between Stephen Pearcy of Ratt fame and the surviving members of Quiet Riot, they booked an oompah band who fired up their accordions and then wondered why they were getting pelted with Heineken bottles.

'The Voice Voters Aren't Racist, Music Is Just Subjective

However, if the folks who missed out were the "strongest power-vocalists," why didn't they move on if fans are voting on the best singers?

It's because music is subjective and that's not how it works.

Andrea Bocelli is a good singer in the traditional sense. Bob Dylan is not a good singer in the traditional sense. Yet who is vastly more popular?

That's right, nasally Bob Dylan. He's definitely not a power-singer (still not sure what that is, but I think Ronnie James Dio was one).

At this point, what talented musicians are spending all day sitting in the ballroom at the airport Hilton waiting to audition for The Voice or American Idol?

Plus, anyone mad at the voting for The Voice is someone who voted for their favorite singer on The Voice. Who are you getting mad at?

I was busy watching hockey and Simpsons re-runs, so look in the mirror, pal.

It's like when politicians who have been in office for decades say it's about time Washington does something about failed policies that they had a hand in creating.

Why are you telling me this? You're the one who did this!

The biggest problem here is that people are still watching and getting invested in singing contests. We live in an era where musicians can record themselves on their phone and post it online anywhere.

Throw your tunes on the interwebs and if they're good, the right people will find them.

Unless your name is Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, or that dude with the premature grey hair. Your musical stardom will not come by way of a game show.

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