Fan Sues WWE Claiming They Went Deaf Because Of Pyrotechnics

A WWE fan is suing the wrestling organization after claims that they loss their hearing after attending a WrestleMania event.

Marvin Jackson says that he was an "invitee" to WrestleMania 38 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas last year. He is accusing the WWE of negligence as well as liability for not warning attendees that there would be loud noises and pyrotechnic explosions. Jackson claims that he has lost nearly all the hearing in his left ear due to the noises.

"Plaintiff was seated next to the stage at the venue. When performance began, pyrotechnics went off. The blast from the pyrotechnics was so loud that it caused Plaintiff to lose almost all hearing in his left ear," the lawsuit reads.

It goes on to say that having pyrotechnics indoors constitutes an "abnormally dangerous activity" for attendees. AT&T Stadium has a retractable roof which was closed during last year's event.

"Due to the proximity of the pyrotechnics to the invitees, the indoor nature of the display, and the inherent danger of pyrotechnics, the degree of risk of harm to invitees was particularly high at WrestleMania 38. The likelihood of harm associated with those risks was commensurate with the risk," the lawsuit continued.

Anyone who has ever been to a wrestling event is aware that sometimes the explosions do come out of nowhere and if you're not expecting them - they can definitely startle you.

Jackson says that the WWE should have had signs or an announcement warning about the loud pyro. It's unclear if his claims are accurate. He is seeking more than $1 million in damages.

The WWE has filed a motion for a change of venue to a different part of Texas. They have not officially commented on the lawsuit itself.

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