Fan Had Their Fingertip Bitten Off During Wild Brawl Between Bruins-Coyotes Fans

The wild brawl that broke out on Friday night between Bruins and Coyotes fans was even more out of control than previously thought. One of the fans involved in the madness had their fingertip bitten off.

The fight at the Mullet Arena in Arizona during the Coyotes 4-3 win had it all. There were drinks, punches, bodies, and even a police officer flying all over several rows of seats.

We now know that at least one fingertip was bitten off as well. The viral video of the pure insanity has well over four million views. The clip shows most of the action, minus the finger being bitten off. That seems to have escaped the camera's view.

According to TMZ Sports, a spokesperson for the Arizona State University Police Department said one fan was arrested as a result of the fight, His name is Nashaknik Allen Shontz and he's been accused of biting another person's finger during the fight.

This Is A Brawl For The History Books

Shontz was reportedly booked on one count of aggravated assault. He was the only fan arrested after the fight was broken up. Although five others involved in the melee were issued citations.

It's unclear what started the fight and police are still investigating the matter. As for the fan on the receiving end of the bite, there was no information provided about their condition.

Everyone wants to see a fight when they attend a hockey game. Most people would prefer that the fight take place, between professionals, on the ice.

If one is going to take place in the stands this is the kind you want to witness from a safe distance, of course. Absolute chaos and a story to go along with it. You'll never forget the game where a fan had a finger bitten off.

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