Famous 'Friday Night Lights' Coach Dies At The Age Of 73

Legendary football coach Gary Gaines has died.

Gaines died at the age of 73 "after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease," according to The Associated Press.

Gaines famously coached the Permian Panthers in Odessa from 1986 through 1989 and compiled a record 47-6-1.

His 1988 season was showcased in the hit movie "Friday Night Lights," which also later led to a TV series of the same name. In the film, Billy Bob Thornton portrayed Gaines in one of the most famous roles of his career.

During the 1988 season, superstar Bobbie Miles suffered a knee injury and the team lost in the state semi-finals.

In 1989, Gaines would lead the Panthers to an undefeated season and were viewed as the greatest team in America.

Gaines later had coaching stints at the college level with Texas Tech as a position coach and at Abilene Christian as the head coach of the Wildcats.

Eventually, Gaines returned to Permian before wrapping up his coaching career.

Now, at the age of 73 and full life lived, Gary Gaines has passed away. His legacy will forever be remembered not just from the film "Friday Night Lights," but also from all the players he impacted along the way.

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