Family Raises More Than $260,000 For 72-Year-Old Domino's Delivery Driver Who Fell Delivering Their Order

A family in South Carolina is sending a 72-year-old Domino's delivery driver into retirement. The woman she fell on their front porch delivering their order earlier this month. So many times these delivery driver stories are about lost orders or rudely asking for tips.

This one has a happy ending. The family isn't sending her into retirement because of a complaint about their food being dropped. They're sending her into retirement because they raised money for her following the unfortunate incident.

Kevin and Lacey Keighron turned their elderly delivery driver falling down while delivering their order into a retirement fund for the woman. Lacey shared the doorbell camera footage of Domino's delivery driver Barbara Gillespie taking a spill attempting to make it up a step with a stack of boxes in one hand. She then put together a GoFundMe for Barbara.

Lacey said in the TikTok video's caption, "Our dominos delivery driver fell on our front porch today and my heart just hurts for her."

"She's clearly having a hard time. She was so worried about our food but all we cared about was that she was okay. I'm so sad for her."

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Lacey asked for a "tip" for Barbara in the description included on the donation page. 16 million views on the video later, and over 16,000 donations, and the tip has reached more than $260,000.

That's enough cash for the elderly delivery driver to call it a career and retire. Last week she revealed, "Barbara put in her 2 week notice at work yesterday!!! She's officially retiring! So excited for her."

Don't expect Barbara to sit around and watch soap operas all day long knitting doilies. That's not how Barbara rolls. She's got things to do.

She's planning to go on a cruise and travel to Europe during her retirement. Let's hope she socks some of it away so she's not back out delivering pizzas again.

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