Ex-NFLer And UFC Fighter Greg Hardy Works His First Real Job And It Goes Just As Terribly As You Think It Would

Greg Hardy hasn't played in the NFL since 2015. Then he embarked on a UFC and bareknuckle boxing career. As for right now, he's getting a taste of the 9-to-5 world, and he's not loving it.

Hardy — who was convicted of domestic assault only to have the charges dropped on appeal when the accuser stopped cooperating with police — posted a video in which he was selling Spectrum cable and internet packages at a Walmart in Garland, Texas.

"What up people? You know who it is, it's the motherf--kin' prince," Hardy said in the Walmart parking lot where he was trying to dish out Spectrum packages.

It was immediately clear that Hardy's first day on the job was not going according to plan.

"I gotta keep it real with you, man," Hardy said. "I don't know how the f--k ya'll do this 9-to-5 s--t, I thought I had it hard being a celebrity and s--t. This is not what's up, boy."

Yeah, Greg. I think a lot of celebrities think that too.

Hardy explained that he had "signed up" to work at a marketing company. He said he's trying to get a couple of companies of his own off the ground. However, while he thought he'd be analyzing data or something, his first assignment was to post up at Walmart and try to sign people up for Spectrum.

So, if you went to a Walmart in that neck of the woods and ignored the guy trying to sell you cable and internet, that may have been Greg Hardy.

Not too many of his prospective customers were pleased to see him.

"These motherf--kers is rude too, " Hardy said.

If you didn't catch him, you won't because Hardy made it clear — very clear — that he was quitting.

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