Ex-Cop Turned OnlyFans Model Now Fears 'Gold Diggers'

Ex-British cop Charlotte Rose, who burst onto OnlyFans scene in 2021 by giving off Lisa Ann vibes to men who track such things, is back in the news with a new issue in her life after making north of $2.3 million via the social media app.

The cop who earned a badge at 18 and retired at 27 to build her OnlyFans ($5 per month) empire now says she's "scared of gold diggers" who want a piece of her hard-earned cash. Now 28, Rose is speaking out about the pitfalls that have come with fame and fortune.

“I do worry with the cars that I have that a guy would look at that and be like, ‘Jackpot I get to drive supercars and luxury cars every day and live in a big house,'” Rose told Jam Press.

Like a rich guy worried that a woman just wants him for his American Express Centurion Black Card, Rose has similar concerns that keep her up at night.

“I don’t really socialize, as I’m always working, so I don’t really meet many new people,” the ex-cop explained.

“The only time I chat to guys is on OnlyFans — and most of them are faceless, anonymous guys,” she added. “The ones who do send pictures, I always wonder if I’m being catfished and it’s really them.”

So what's the plan here for a woman in her late 20s who could see her OnlyFans stardom slip at any moment as men move on to the next Lisa Ann clone? Charlotte says it's time to make as much money as possible.

It's time to fully fund the retirement.

“I think in the next couple of years, once I’ve really got myself set for life, I can calm down on the work front and focus on ‘me’ time – and I guess with that a guy may come,” Rose, who noted she doesn't do porn on OnlyFans, told Jam Press.

This gameplan is a pretty smart decision when you consider the money she's hauling in each month by chatting with lonely men. As of March 2021, Rose was grossing $210,000 a month by selling semi-nude photos and chatting up men from around the world.

Sure, the 16-hour days are long and they pile up, but like a smart entrepreneur, Rose knows she can go balls to the walls for another 24 months and gross somewhere around $5 million.

Then maybe you dial things back to 8-hours per day and find you a man who likes to tinker in the garage and is up for three-day beer-bender weekends.

Get your resumes together, fellas.

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