Erin Andrews Loves The Smell Of Tom Brady

Someone alert Gisele. Another woman's been sniffing around Tom Brady. It's Erin Andrews, and she likes the scent she's picking up.

Andrews, a Fox NFL sideline reporter, has apparently been getting a whiff of the Buccaneers' QB for years. Not that she's complaining - nor is her husband (more on that later). After covering him for decades, Andrews made it clear that whether before, during, or after the game, Tom Brady doesn't stink.

“I’ll say this about Tom, knowing Tom on and off the field, the guy always smells fantastic,” Andrews admitted during a recent appearance on Renee Paquette's "Sessions" podcast.

Brady Has The Smell Of A Winner

A seven-time Super Bowl champion, who may or may not be nearing divorce, Brady's musk is so impressive, it has men wanting to copy his smell.

“I can say that because my husband is always like, ‘Did you smell this guy,’" Erin Andrews said of her husband. "He changes up his cologne, and I know this because it’s always a ‘Hey, can you find out what Tom’s wearing?’ Because it turns into a stocking stuffer for my husband.”

Props to Mr. Andrews (Jarrett Stoll), who's apparently as secure in both his manhood and marriage, as anyone.

Thanks To Erin Andrews, You Too, Can Smell Like Brady

Like any good reporter, Andrews sniffed out the details and uncovered what's made Brady so nasally pleasing.

“At one point he was using a Tom Ford. "I know this because I gifted it to my husband," Andrews added.

For all these years we've thought it was TB12 that made Brady so appealing. But now we know he's actually just built Ford tough.

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