Emma Watson Enters The Alcohol Game, Launches Her Own Gin

Emma Watson is broadening her horizons and entering the alcohol game.

The famous "Harry Potter" star made an incredible amount of money for playing Hermione Granger on the big screen in eight movies for more than decade. While she's been in a lot of other movies, her entire career can be pinned back to being one of the three main "Potter" characters.

In recent years, she's taken a step back from the public spotlight, but she's apparently been staying busy building an alcohol brand.

Watson and her brother Alex have launched a gin named Renais that's described as "a family made luxury, modern gin" that is "inspired by terroir and tradition."

She's come a long way from casting spells and battling Death Eaters in the "Harry Potter" movies.

Emma Watson dips her toes into the alcohol game.

While Watson might be getting into the alcohol industry, her family isn't a stranger to it at all. Her father has owned vineyards in France for decades, according to Decanter.com. So, it's a bit of a family business.

More importantly, being rich and famous and starting your own alcohol brand is starting to become very popular.

George Clooney's Casamigos Tequila is unbelievably popular among tequila drinkers and while I've only had it once, it was shockingly good.

Ryan Reynolds' Aviation Gin is also another great example of a celebrity using their name and platform to move products. Aviation Gin is one of the most popular gin brands in America.

The "Harry Potter" star could stand to make a ton of money.

Now, Emma Watson is getting in on the action, and it's hard to blame her. There's an outrageous amount of money to be made. Casamigos sold for $1 billion six years ago. You can earn generational wealth in the alcohol game if you hit it big.

Emma Watson is already unbelievably wealthy, but nobody is going to say no to another $100 million.....assuming Renais blows up, of course.

It doesn't hurt she has a staggering 71 million Instagram followers. That should make advertising super easy and essentially free. Welcome to the era of social media.

Finally, if you want to feel super old as I am now, Emma Watson is now 33 and it's been nearly 22 years since the first "Harry Potter" film hit theaters. Truly feels like a different lifetime ago. She went from being a star actress to slinging gin. What a life to be living.

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