Emily Ratajkowski Reveals Her Diet Secrets For Looking Great

What does Emily Ratajkowski do to say at the top of her game?

Well, the superstar model and social media icon was showing off her Halloween outfit when singer Halsey what her "routine" is for staying in shape.

The "Gone Girl" actress replied with "Just eating good! Skipping no meals! Happy girl."

Well, whatever Ratajkowski is doing, it seems to be working. She's been a star for a very long time, and she's only seemingly getting popular.

Ever since the "Blurred Lines" music video came out back in 2013, she's been on a rocket ship to the top of the content game.

Now, she has 29.5 million Instagram followers, and isn't afraid to chow down when it's time to eat. As any great athlete will tell you, pack your diet full of protein if you want to stay in shape.

Do you want to be a skinny model who doesn't eat and is rail thin, or do you want to follow Ratajkowski's advice of not skipping meals?

It's impossible to say for sure, but I think we can all agree Emily Ratajkowski's strategy seems to be working out just fine.

For those of you unfamiliar with her grade-A Instagram content, you can check more of it out below. Not missing any meals has worked out well for her!

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