Elon Musk's New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino Is A Vaccine-Pushing, Pro Mask-Wearing, WEF Globalist

Elon Musk's announcement of new Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino has many users asking, "What are we doing?"

On Friday, Musk announced that the former NBCUniversal ad executive would be the new CEO for the social media platform. At first glance the move makes sense; Musk is desperate to make money through advertising and why not hire someone like Yaccarino, who has legitimate ad experience?

But there's MUCH more to the story.

I encourage you to please read all of the following to see the bigger picture that has even Musk's staunchest supporters crying foul. It has nothing to do with Republican vs Democrat - it is much larger than that and it shows blatant hypocrisy from the Tesla founder himself.


According to Linda Yaccarino's LinkedIn page as well as her OWN TWEETS, she is a vaccine-mandating, pro mask-wearing globalist who is just as bad as it sounds.

Her first red flag is that she is a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF). She is the Executive Chairwoman of the WEF's Taskforce on Future of Work and their Media Initiative.

The WEF are the people who run the world, and no, that's not a conspiracy theory. Even Elon Musk himself tweeted his concerns about the WEF ... and then he went and hired one of their top executives to be the new CEO of Twitter. What the...


On the WEF website, they talk about "The Great Reset," which is probably one of the scariest things we've ever seen - it encourages a "new social contract" that they want humans to abide to.

"Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum’s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being," the World Economic Forum boasts.

The WEF sets precedent, makes recommendations, and actively encourages governments from across the world to follow their orders. In the early days of the pandemic, the WEF, along with the World Health Organization (WHO), were able to get nearly every single country in the world to go on lockdown within days. That's the type of power and influence they have over sovereign nations.

The WEF is also the group that is encouraging people to EAT BUGS because of climate change concerns. You don't have to believe me, you can also read that on their website.


During her years as Chairwoman of the Ad Council, Yaccarino boasts that she partnered with the Biden Administration, the CDC and government agencies to promote and market the Covid-19 vaccination campaign.

Remember all the carefully worded and selective messaging that we heard nonstop? "You must get vaccinated in order to get us back to normal," etc. Yeah, that campaign was spearheaded by Yaccarino. We now know it was all propaganda.


Here she is talking about "Mask Up, or Pack Up," which comes across cute from an advertising perspective until you realize the deliberate havoc that this brought across the country.

She also tweeted out that everyone needed to stay home and not go outside.


Remember that whole "Freedom of speech," and "an open idea of information," that Musk claimed he was buying Twitter for?

Even though his intentions may be good, there's no doubt that Elon either got duped, or he played many of you for fools thinking that the elite don't look after the elite. There's only so many seats at the dinner table. And, unfortunately, "the average human" isn't invited. Hopefully that's not true but many on Twitter are now thinking otherwise.

Less than a month ago Musk was being interviewed by Yaccarino. At one point, when she suggests content moderation and Musk pulls back, she tries to swindle her way into getting him to see her point that content moderation would lead to more advertising revenue - regardless of the free speech effect.

It's all right there - she wants to make Twitter more constrained, censored, and moderated in the name of money and more control.

And that is the new Twitter CEO. who is now in charge of "Business Operations," of the most important social media platform on the planet.

Not great!