Elon Musk Crushes The 'Woke Mind Virus' During Interview With Bill Maher

Elon Musk believes protecting free speech and ending woke insanity must be a top priority in America.

The Twitter owner is a vocal advocate of free speech and has also gone out of his way to crush woke politics.

For example, he has gone after the youth transgender topic and called for prison sentences for doctors or parents who carry out gender surgeries on kids.

He sat down with Bill Maher Friday night, and as you'd expect, he touched on the "woke mind virus" destroying America.

Elon Musk attacks the "woke mind virus."

Maher, an increasingly important voice in America, asked Musk why he speaks about the "'woke mind virus' in really apocalyptic terms," and Musk cut straight to the point.

"Yeah, so, I think we need to be very cautious about anything that is anti-meritocratic and anything that results in the suppression of free speech. So, you know, those are two other aspects of the woke mind virus that I think are very dangerous is that it's often anti-meritocratic. You can't question things. Even the questioning is bad. So, you know, another way… with cancel culture," Musk said during his conversation with Bill Maher, according to Fox News.

The billionaire also gave a passionate defense of the First Amendment and freedom of speech as a pillar of American society.

The Tesla founder further explained, "It's bizarre that we've come to this point where- free speech used to be a left or a liberal value, and yet we see from the quote ‘left’ a desire to actually censor. And that seems crazy. I mean, I think we should be extremely concerned about anything that undermines the First Amendment. There's a reason for the First Amendment… People came from countries where they could not speak freely and where saying certain things would get thrown into prison. And they were like, well, we don't want that here. And by the way, in many parts of the world, including part of what the people might think are relatively similar to the United States, the speech laws are draconian."

Musk is correct when it comes to the "woke mind virus."

Woke insanity is definitely becoming an increasingly larger problem in America, and that's why seeing people like Bill Maher and Elon Musk speak out is such a great thing.

Plenty of conservatives speak out, but that's to be expected. It'd be a big problem if they weren't. However, you can't win any war, which Musk clearly seems to see this situation as, if everyone is split down partisan lines. You need people coming together. Musk calls himself a moderate and Maher is a classical liberal.

Yet, the way they talk about woke insanity is pretty much the same as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The issue is really bringing people together and for good reason. It's gone way too far.

Woke insanity must be pushed back against.

Riley Gaines can't even say she supports protecting women's sports without facing an enraged mob. Bud Light teamed up with Dylan Mulvaney and was then shocked when people were upset. Those are two examples in the past few weeks.

On a broader scale, there are serious debates in this country about whether or not gender surgeries should be conducted on kids. There's also people who claim men can get pregnant. In what world does any of that make sense? Those are three examples anyone could just pull off the top of their heads.

There are many more we could get into, but you get the point. The woke rubicon has been crossed, and people are finally fighting back.

Credit to Elon Musk and Bill Maher for both refusing to back down to the woke mob. It feels like the tide is definitely starting to shift. For the future of America, let's hope it continues to.

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