Electric Trailer Drops For 'Jack Ryan' Season 3

The trailer for "Jack Ryan" season three is out, and it's awesome.

Just a few days ago, we wrote at OutKick how the show had a December 21 release date for season three, but fans still had no look at the new season.

Well, we do now and it's everything we've been hoping for. Give John Krasinski a watch as our favorite CIA agent in the preview for the newest season below.

The new season looks like it's going to be absolutely epic. Nuclear weapons on the loose? Check. Seemingly dirty Russians or other Eastern Europeaners? Check. Jack Ryan going rogue? Check.

What more could you ever want? This is the exact kind of content and energy fans have waited since 2019 to see back on our screens.

The new season of "Jack Ryan" has a familiar feel.

Also, it seems like season three of "Jack Ryan" on Amazon will kind of have a similar theme to the famous Tom Clancy story "The Sum of all Fears."

If you remember, that film was also about Jack Ryan trying to stop rogue nukes for causing chaos before a football game in Baltimore gets nuked. The movie with Ben Affleck is incredibly underrated.

Now, John Krasinski and Amazon will bring fans a new season that might pull on similar threads and themes.

December 21 truly can't get here fast enough. Expectations were high, and fans will now have excitement through the roof thanks to this preview.

The only corny part was the line about doing the right thing. We could have done without that, but otherwise, absolutely fire preview for season three.

Make sure to check back at some point after December 21 for my full recap of season three. I can't wait to see what we get.

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