Ebanie Bridges Thinks Her Weigh-In With Fellow OnlyFans Star Boxer Avril Mathie Will 'Break The Internet'

Ebanie Bridges knows a thing or two about breaking the internet. She's done so repeatedly during her rise from lingerie weigh-in boxer to the IBF bantamweight champion. As her popularity in the ring has increased so has her popularity on social media.

This rise in popularity led the "Blonde Bomber" down the path paved with OnlyFans gold. She's been keeping herself busy since breaking her hand during her December title defense by making content on the subscription based platform.

As she heals, Bridges has started to look into her next possible opponent. The name of former swimsuit model turned boxer and OnlyFans model Avril Mathie. The two Australians seem destined to face each other in the ring at some point.

Bridges was asked about a possible showdown with Mathie. She said, "I love Avril, I think she's great, honestly."

She predicts a crowd pleasing fight with an internet breaking weigh-in. Oh, and a win for herself. She said of her fellow OnlyFans model boxer, "She works really hard and I respect her for what she does, her hustle, her lifestyle and what she's done."

"I think it will be a great fight and it will definitely be crowd pleasing. I think our weigh-ins will break the internet."

That's all true. The internet loves a good lingerie weigh-in. Two boxers who make content on OnlyFans will only add to the interest.

Let's Get This Ebanie Bridges And Avril Mathie OnlyFans Bout Put Together

How would a fight between the two go? According to Bridges, it wouldn't last more than five rounds and she would, of course, have her hand raised at the end.

Bridges said, "I don't really see it going past the first four or five rounds, obviously with me winning. She's a tough Aussie, but so was Shannon O'Connell and I'm just getting better and better."

The champ confirmed that she was in talks with Mathie at some point to set up a fight. Her injury delayed that opportunity. Mathie went on to fight Ramla Ali in February and was handing the first loss of her career.

It's unclear where Mathie's loss leaves her, but Bridges still thinks she's worthy of a shot at her IBF bantamweight title. She said, "I would like to give her that opportunity because I think she's great and I think she deserves it."

Prior to her fight with Ali, Mathie was very complimentary of Bridges. She said of a potential bout, "So, I think there will be fireworks and it will be an exciting fight."

Let's put this fight together already and take full advantage of the opportunity. I'm talking lingerie weigh-ins, put the belt on the line, and an OnlyFans collab to top the whole experience off.

That would sell a ton of tickets and truly break the internet.