Ebanie Bridges Crushes Her Critics: 'F**k Off'

Ebanie Bridges really doesn't care what her critics think.

Bridges has become an OutKick favorite over the past year as she's successfully balanced a rising boxing career with a massive social media footprint.

Notably, she's known for being pretty spicy when it comes to generating attention for herself, and if you don't like it, she doesn't give a damn.

Ebanie Bridges is only focused on doing what she wants.

If you like me, mad. If you don't, f*ck off. I don't care because I'm not going to change because you can't please everyone," the Australian fighter explained during an interview with George Croves.

In the same interview, Bridges said she simply had to stay "true" to herself amid criticism and backlash from the haters and critics.

You can watch her comments in the video below.

Bridges is carrying some serious energy into 2023.

Clearly, Ebanie Bridges really doesn't give a damn if you don't like the fact she's also a star on social media when not fighting in the ring. When you drop a "f*ck off," you're really going out of your way to set the tone.

The fun thing about Bridges is that she can also back up her talk. Shannon O'Connell tried to call her out for the way she dresses and carries herself, and Ebanie Bridges proceeded to hammer her back in December.

If you're going to talk a huge game, you better back it up and Bridges definitely does.

There are a lot of flashes in the pan when it comes to the fight game and social media. It takes a lot of grit to stick around for a long time. It definitely looks like Ebanie Bridges has hit that point. She had a huge 2022, is now 9-1 in her boxing career and her social media following only grows larger with every passing day.

She's here to stay, and that's good news for her fans and REALLY bad news for the critics and haters.

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