Eagles Wife Calls Out Chiefs Fans For 'Embarrassing' Super Bowl Celebration

Philadelphia Eagles wife Leah Covey didn't have a great Super Bowl LVII. Her husband's team lost the game 38-35 and Leah had to stand there in State Farm Stadium and watch Chiefs fans celebrate on the slippery turf where she was supposed to be with her fellow Eagles wives and girlfriends.

It was an emotional night to say the least and Leah didn't handle the loss very well. Her husband, Britain, and the team was on the receiving end of a controversial defensive holding call and it definitely left pregnant Leah very salty.

"Watching the Chiefs celebrate their win on the field after the weakest holding call and running the game clock for the last 5 minutes," Covey wrote on a late-night TikTok. "I truly have never cringed harder. Still so proud of our eagles," she added.

Wait until she gets a look at video footage of Roger Goodell jumping into the arms of Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones and (allegedly) whispering something about Jones hitting quarterbacks.

Leah's going to lose it.

Things aren't going well for Leah in the TikTok comments

"I’m genuinely confused. Did you expect them to not celebrate a SB win? And running the clock is apart of the game… Eagles ran the clock the whole SB," one woman fired back at Leah.

Woman after woman jumped into the fray to tell Leah she was crazy for her own behavior and for being a poor loser.

"(I)f it was the other way around the eagles would have done the exact same thing to ensure a win," a woman named Maria replied.

To her credit, Leah left the comment section wide open and the hits just kept rolling in.

"The eagles held the ball until the play clock hit 0 the ENTIRE GAME and you want to complain about the last 5 minutes?? 😭😭," said another.

The bad news for Leah is that after the game, reporters caught up to James Bradberry in the locker room to get his take on the holding call.

“It was a holding,” Bradberry the media members. “I tugged his jersey. I was hoping they would let it slide.”


Get 'em next year, Leah.

*Now, if Leah is talking about Jackson Mahomes' celebration being embarrassing, then she has a non-debateable take:

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