Dylan Mulvaney/Bud Light Partnership Sparks Civil War In Country Music

Bud Light teaming up with Dylan Mulvaney has fractured the country music industry.

The beer brand has been taking fire from all sides after a decision was made to collaborate with the transgender activist. Mulvaney is known for seemingly mocking what it means to be a woman.

The Bud Light video from the transgender activist made it seem like women are too dumb to know what March Madness is. Does anyone know a single woman who is unaware of the biggest basketball tournament in the world? Of course not. However, that's what Dylan Mulvaney thinks of women.

Now, there's been a fracture in the country music world after Zach Bryan split from Travis Tritt, John Rich and Kid Rock.

Zach Bryan calls out people upset over Dylan Mulvaney/Bud Light collaboration.

Many tied to the country music industry were not pleased with the decision. Travis Tritt pulled Anheuser-Busch from his concert rider, John Rich floated possibly pulling Bud Light from Redneck Riviera as sales plummet and Kid Rock, who is also a rocker, shot up a bunch of cases.

Bryan chose a different path and called out people upset. The rising country music star, who has blown up in popularity over the past year, sent a series of tweets on the situation, and said in part, "I just think insulting transgender people is completely wrong because we live in a country where we can all just be who we want to be."

Bryan also weighed in on Riley Gaines being attacked, and made it clear he thought the conduct displayed against her was unacceptable.

At the same time, Bryan said he has "family transitioning and have blood to defend here."

The "Something in the Orange" singer also tweeted that "it's absolutely terrifying that saying ‘insulting others is wrong’ is reason enough for people to get so evil so quick."

Sheryl Crow, who famously sang a hit song with Kid Rock, showed support for Bryan and tweeted him a heart emoji during his string of tweets.

Country music seems split on the Bud Light/Mulvaney disaster.

Ted Nugent, who is also in the rock world with a lot of country music fans, also weighed in on the situation. As you could have guessed, he wasn't impressed.

"The beauty of my life is that I’ve never spent one red cent on alcohol, but I made sure that my entire crew and my family will never allow any Anheuser-Busch products anywhere near my world," Nugent said during an interview on Newsmax, according to the New York Post.

Nugent also called out whoever is responsible for some of these marketing decisions, including Jack Daniels launching a "Jack Fire Pride" campaign.

"How can they possibly have a meeting around the table and come to the conclusion that they’re going to piss in the face of the people who pay their salaries," Nugent further asked.

People continue to be upset with Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney.

Bud Light sales are reportedly taking a hit, bar owners are seeing demand decline and the negative PR is seemingly never ending.

OutKick reached out to several Anheuser-Busch officials to get any explanation on who made the call to team up with Dylan Mulvaney. We were met with complete silence.

Apparently, the company isn't overly proud of the decision. If it was, it would defend it. It's also not hard to understand why people aren't happy. The average Bud Light drinker just wants to enjoy a cold one after a hard day of work. They don't want woke politics injected into their beer drinking. That shouldn't even be controversial.

This is America. People are allowed to have different views without fear of reprisals. That's what makes this country great, and this situation has clearly sent a fracture through country music. It definitely at least appears more people lean towards agreeing with John Rich than Zach Bryan. At the end of the day, the market will decide. If Bud Light continues to slip then it will be clear the decision was a poor one.

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