DoorDash Driver Records Himself Eating A Customer's Food After Receiving A $1 Tip

If you leave a lousy tip when ordering your food through a delivery service you might not get what you ordered. One DoorDasher has documented this time and time again on social media. He even documented eating a customer's order after receiving a $1 tip.

The delivery driver goes by the name Doordash Tips on TikTok. He starts the video of himself eating a customer's order by opening up the DoorDash deliver bag to see what the customer had him pick up.

He says as he's rummaging through the bag, "DoorDash customer only tipped one dollar, hmm let’s see what he got at Arby's huh?"

"Beef and cheddar, he's got the French dip, and the crinkle fries. Oh man, that's my favorite."

The dasher, as the kids call them, reaches in and pulls one of the fries out of the bag. He says as he chews on the food, "Thank you $1 tipper. Peace."

This isn't his first time dealing with a bad tipper. In another video from a customer who placed an order at 7-Eleven, and didn't tip, he opens a bag of chips and starts eating them.

He started that video by saying, "Alright, alright. This DoorDash motherfucker don't want to tip, huh? Let's see what he got, huh."

He digs around in the bag before settling on a bag chips. The dasher says, "Got the 7-Eleven potato chips, my favorite."

As he did in the other video, he thanks the customer and points at the camera while laughing.

Tip Your DoorDash Drivers

Don't be a jerk. If you don't want to tip then get your ass off the couch and pick the order up yourself. You know the deal when you use these services. The drivers rely on the tips.

If you don't tip then expect some or all of your food to be eaten, if it gets picked up at all. This dasher has a few videos showing orders from poor tippers sitting waiting to be picked up.

Don't be one of these people!

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