Donna D'Errico Hangs Out In Lingerie Because She Can & It's Fun

Donna D'Errico had one of the more impressive runs a couple of months ago when she turned the entire month of March into a celebration of her 55th birthday. She capped off the month-long birthday extravaganza by tipping her cap to her Baywatch days.

She wore the signature one-piece - made famous by the lifeguards on the show - and a t-shirt for those who wouldn't get the reference through the red swimwear. The impressive run would tire out many content creators half her age.

D'Errico didn't hang up her lingerie or bikinis for good once she reached the milestone birthday. Quite the opposite, she's still going strong and isn't showing any signs of slowing up. The content, whether a newly shot pic or a throwback, has continued to appear in the feeds of her almost two million followers.

On Wednesday, she decided to brighten the algorithm and her followers' feeds with a periwinkle lingerie shot. She included a not-so-subtle message to some of the haters, who still haven't come to terms with actress/model's content on the platform.

"Who else likes periwinkle besides me? Also why am I hanging out in lingerie?," she asks. "Because I can and it's fun and I feel like it."

The haters either received the message loud and clear, or she sent them packing by blocking some of them. Whatever the reason, the comment section was overwhelmingly in favor of her decision to hangout in lingerie.

Not just when it comes to this particular look either. There were several who shared support for D'Errico doing whatever she wants, whenever she want.

There's No Stopping This Former Baywatch Star

One commenter, who shared concern about the AC, also pointed out that her lingerie is, "Not the least bit offensive!!!"

"You should do something that is fun and you enjoy it!," another added. "Lingerie it is!!"

A third weighed in with, "Why are you hanging out in lingerie? Because, why not?!"

You know what they say, "if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." This quote seems fitting for the actress turned OnlyFans model.

D'Errico hangs out in her lingerie because she can, it's fun, and she feels like. She then shares a "link in bio" teaser with her followers and the whole "doing what she loves and not working a day" comes full circle. What a time to be a former Baywatch star.