Donna D’Errico Handed Out Valentine's Day Advice In Red Lingerie

Better late than never. That's the theme we're going with here when it comes to Donna D'Errico's Valentine's Day Instagram post. It came a day after it was celebrated and it somehow missed my radar until earlier today.

So, here we are. For those of you who are actually here for the advice, it's good for a few days after Valentine's Day anyway. Donna dropped some knowledge about handling one of the more popular gifts and she did so in a red lingerie one piece that she strategically held in place.

The former Baywatch star started her advice off with a reference to the swimsuit she rocked on the popular show before wishing her 1.5 million followers a Happy Valentine's Day. She said, "I like this red one piece better than the other one. Happy Valentine’s Day y'all!"

It's 2023, she's wearing lingerie in the picture, so the point of the entire thing is to direct her fans to the link in the bio. That's part of the game. But so is putting in the effort for some interaction.

She continued, "Calories from chocolate don't count today so eat up!! What's your favorite kind in a box of assorted chocolates? Do you bite off the corner first to make sure it’s not a gross one before you decide to eat it?"

"I’ll go first. My favorites are the nut covered chocolates, and hell yes I bite each one first! I don’t want to commit to a gross jelly or fruity chewy something. And yes I do put the bitten one right back in the damn box. Your turn!"

Being An OnlyFans Model Is Only Easy If You're Not Putting In The Work

It's easy to drop this shot with a simple happy whatever, the link is in the bio, caption. But Donna's a professional and she's taking the extra step to connect with her audience.

Calories not counting and the advanced level move of biting the corner off to see whatever mysteries are awaiting in the center of the chocolates are the kinds of advice you're not going to get from every OnlyFans model.

So while some of you might have only arrived for the lingerie, it's my hope and probably Donna's hope as well, that you left with some knowledge about calories on Valentine's Day and how to properly consume the chocolates.

Don't be the kind of person who plays it fast and loose by shoving the entire chocolate into your mouth.