Donna D'Errico Gift Wrapped In Holiday Lingerie

Donna D'Errico is back promoting her OnlyFans content and she's back doing so in lingerie. The last time we caught up with the former Baywatch star, she was powering through some loneliness and dropping a look at herself in black lingerie.

She said earlier this month, "It's a heart numbing thing when so many men desire you but none love you."

"I realize that deliberate use of sex appeal makes it difficult for people to appreciate other things about you. I make my peace with it."

You have to respect Donna for her ability to come to terms with what her reality is. You have to respect her marketing ability too. It turns out she's pretty good at that.

She dropped a look at herself gift wrapped in holiday lingerie for Cyber Monday. What is she selling? Why she's selling OnlyFans content of course.

The caption of the inspiring marketing post reads, "Just because I have been away doesn't mean I forgot HOW TO SLAY!"

That statement checks out. She did not forget how to slay. The statement continues, "It's Cyber Monday so while you're surfing head over to my bio and check out my links."

We Could All Learn A Little About Marketing From Donna D'Errico

It's a good time to remind everyone that Donna is 54. She's definitely experiencing her 50s much differently than they did a generation ago.

Nothing captures the spirit of Cyber Monday or the holiday season like a former Baywatch star in lingerie promoting OnlyFans content. It warms the heart doesn't it?

I can't wait to see what she has in store as the holiday season comes and goes. I'm predicting big things as we turn over the calendar to 2023.