Donna D'Errico Celebrated National Barbie Day In Pink Lingerie

Today is National Barbie Day. Hand up on this one, I had no idea until this popped up on the Instagram feed. Had I known ahead of time, I might have gone with a slightly nicer pair of sweatpants out of respect.

Unlike me, Donna D'Errico was fully aware of the doll's special day and she celebrated it appropriately. She put on some "Barbie" pink lingerie and snapped a reminder for folks, like myself, who were unprepared for the nationally recognized day.

The actress and OnlyFans star included some other worthwhile information in the caption of her Barbie Day pic. On top of the reminder about the significance of the day, D'Errico couldn't help but add a reminder as to why the month of March is significant as well.

March is significant because it's her birthday month of course. She also shared her plans to post "some cake" on her birthday. This isn't the 54-year-old's first birthday reminder to appear on Instagram. Last week she teased that she would be celebrating her birthday the entire month.

A week ago D'Errico said, along with her topless picture of herself, "It's my birthday month so here’s me in half my birthday suit."

A decent start to any birthday month. On Thursday, she followed that up with, "It's National Barbie Day. It's also still National Donna D’Errico Birthday Month."

"Here's me honoring both today sitting in Barbie pink letting you know I'll be posting some cake on my birthday."

March Is Officially National Donna D'Errico Birthday Month

Taking an entire month to celebrate your birthday is something you build up to. This isn't a move amateurs could pull off. You earn the right to do so.

D'Errico's earned that right with the incredible career she's been able to put together.

Going that extra step to declare the entire month as your own national birthday month is almost unheard of. But if anyone can pull it off I feel like she can.

She played role of Donna Marco on Baywatch after all. If that doesn't come with the power to name your own national birthday month then nothing does.