Dodgers Fan Gets Pummeled Mid-Proposal By Stadium Security, Still Gets A 'Yes'

You know what they say -- the best proposals end with your boyfriend getting pummeled by security guards before you can even say, 'I do.' No? They don't say that? Well, someone better tell this Dodgers bro who decided to go the extra mile during LA's home-opener only to be rewarded with a face full of grass.

Strap in!

Dodgers stadium proposal goes wrong as security tackles boyfriend

Oh my God. This is so amazing you almost think it's fake, right? I've never seen anything like it -- may never again after the precedent that was just set.

What a form tackle by this officer, too. Perfect. Just like they draw it up during the week and our man executes it perfectly. Lowers the shoulder, makes sure the crown of the helmet isn't too high, drives his lower body up and through the ball-carrier.

It's perfect. It's what they teach in NFL meeting rooms across the country.

And how about Diamondbacks outfielder Lourdes Gurriel Jr.? He's all about it at first. Our man is genuinely happy for this random bro and, just like the rest of us, waiting for her answer. He's on the edge of his seat, and he also has the best seat in the house!

And then, BAM! Crushed. Donezo. And Lourdes is heartbroken. Hands on the head and just stunned.

Good news for Lourdes, though ... all's well that ends well, because our girl said yes!

Good for these two! Our guy he deserved that 'Yes' more than anyone. Did he probably get it from behind bars deep in the bowels of Dodgers Stadium? Sure. But a yes is a yes, baby!

Love that two other guards quickly run over after the initial hit as if this guy's getting back up, too. It's like the rest of the defense jumping on the one runner at the bottom of the pile trying to pad their stats.

I think we're good, fellas. I got this. He's down.

PS: I got major Office vibes from this.

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