Deion Sanders Meets With Colorado Band To Prepare Not-So-Secret Theme Song For Coach Prime, Football Team

Deion Sanders is implementing a lot of change at the University of Colorado. Not only is he overhauling the football program, he is making his mark on the marching band.

Sanders, who took over the Buffaloes in December, has taken a no-nonsense approach throughout his coaching career. Although he doesn't tolerate misbehavior or poor character, the Pro Football Hall of Famer carries himself with a swagger that is unmatched by other coaches.

The Coach Prime attitude translates to assistant coaches, his players, his staffers, and everybody involved with the program. He is taking a bad, deflated Colorado team and injecting life into it and making it his own.

As much as football games revolve around the on-field result, much of the allure to college football goes beyond the gridiron. Especially at an HBCU like Jackson State, where Sanders coached previously. The halftime show can carry as much weight as the final score.

That isn't the case in the Pac-12, but Sanders wants Colorado's Golden Buffalo Marching Band to play an important role in the game day experience. He wants the cowboy hat-rocking band to help create an environment in which opposing schools are intimidated.

To do so, Coach Prime met with the school's band and cheer directors and staffs over the weekend.

You know, at HBCUs, it's kinda traditional that the band kinda coincides. I know it's different, but it don't have to be. We like one big happy family, so we go as you guys go.

They threw a lot of ideas at the wall, but one particular idea stood out above the rest. Sanders made it abundantly clear that the band will have "a new theme song." He didn't ask, he told.

Coach Prime then proceeded to play the song for the room, but the video from the meeting cuts the audio so that it could remain a secret.

Based on the way that Sanders was moving his finger, the way that he presented the song, and his musical history in Mississippi, it wasn't hard to guess. Perhaps he changed things up at a new school, and we won't know until Nebraska travels to Boulder on Sept. 9, but the song is more than likely 'Here I Go' by Mystikal.

While at Jackson State, Sanders would address his team in the locker room before the game. He would always close out his speech with "now give me my theme music" and Mystikal would start to play.

Coach Prime could have called an audible. He might have mixed the song up and gone with something new at a new school for a new year. But considering the role Mystikal played in his last year at JSU, it's a pretty safe bet that it will return again in 2023.