Dee Snider Dropped From Pride Parade After Agreeing Kids Shouldn't Get Gender Surgery

Rock star Dee Snider is no longer featured at the SF Pride Parade & Celebration.

Snider was going to perform at the June event in San Francisco but the plug has officially been pulled, according to KRON4.

What was the Twisted Sister star's crime? The musician agreed with KISS rock star Paul Stanley that kids who believe they're transgender shouldn't get gender reassignment surgeries.

In response to a statement from Stanley, Snider tweeted Monday, "You know what? There was a time where I 'felt pretty' too. Glad my parents didn't jump to any rash conclusions!"

That tweet cost him his performing spot at SF Pride Parade & Celebration and his song "We’re Not Gonna Take It" being the unofficial anthem.

Dee Snider dropped from San Francisco gay pride event.

There really is something ironic about a guy who dresses like a woman for his shows being pulled from a gay pride parade because he's against irreversible surgeries on kids.

Does anyone think Dee Snider is some insane person with radical thoughts? Of course not. He tweeted that he once "felt pretty" as a kid and he's glad his parents didn't do anything rash.

In response, SF Pride released the following statement, in part, on the decision to split from Snider, according to the same report:

However, when we were notified about the tweet in which Dee expressed support for Kiss’s Paul Stanley’s transphobic statement, we were heartbroken and angry. The message perpetuated by that tweet casts doubt on young trans people’s ability to self-identify their gender.
Transgender people, particularly transgender women and children of color, are disproportionately affected by hate and violence. And with transphobia proliferating and becoming more and more enshrined in law throughout the country — we have to stand up for the most impacted among us.
We have mutually agreed to part ways, but appreciate Dee seeing this as a teachable moment and a reminder that even allies need to be educated to ensure that they are not casually promoting transphobia.

This seems like an incredible overreaction.

Pulling Dee Snider from the SF Pride Parade & Celebration over this is downright absurd. He didn't say anything or agree with anything "transphobic" as alleged by SF Pride.

The legendary musician simply said he agreed life-altering surgeries shouldn't be performed on children. Is that now a cancelable offense in America?

If so, there are going to be a lot of people who need to be canceled because that's a belief a lot of people hold. It's also the law in a lot of states, including Montana, North Dakota, Arkansas and several others.

We're at a crazy place in America if being against gender surgery for kids means you get canceled. It's not a radical view at all, and it's likely a few many in the LGBTQ+ community agree with. Yet, Snider still was shown the door. It's absolutely beyond words this is where we're now at in this country.

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