Death By Selfie: Woman Falls Off Cliff While Getting A Photo In Belgium

Yet another content creator is dead after falling off a cliff and this time it's a 33-year-old former bikini fitness competitor who fell to her death while taking a selfie in Belgium.

Zoe Snoeks, who was traveling with her husband, slipped off a cliff and fell 100-feet to her death in the Ourthe River near the town of Nadrin, 145 km southeast of Brussels. Joeri Janssen, her husband told media outlets that he turned his back to look after the couples' dogs only to turn around and notice that his wife was gone.

"We got up very early to take pictures of the Herou. There is almost always mist there. It's great for photos. We arrived before 9am." he told the Daily Mail, referencing the mountain cliff above the Ourthe River.

"I turned to the dogs and told them to wait. When I turned back to Zoe, she was no longer there. She had just vanished. It must have happened in less than five seconds.

"I didn't see or hear anything. No rustling, no screams or shouts. I looked up and saw only dust."

Janssen says it was immediately clear his wife was dead. "I called her, even though I knew it was hopeless. The chasm was several tens of metres deep," he said.

Stories like Zoe's have become all too common in the content-generation era where creators have to keep the livin' on the edge content flowing. Just this year, a woman fell to her death in Hong Kong while getting a selfie when she lost her footing and tumbled over a waterfall.

In September, two fitness coaches died in rough surf off the coast of Spain after the woman jumped off a cliff -- on purpose -- only to have both her and her fitness coach friend wash out to sea when he was unable to save her. Both were crushed by waves and couldn't get to shore.

It appears in that case that creating content was the major goal before things went wrong.

In case after case, the women who fall to their deaths trying to get photos typically have Instagram accounts that they're trying to jumpstart with content that will pull likes, land in the Instagram search algorithm and lead to financial opportunities.

The problem is that they're falling to their deaths before they can cash in. Zoe Snoeks just happens to be the latest victim.

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