Deadly Snake Found Under A Family's Christmas Tree

On occasion a really awful gift can be found under the Christmas tree. They're usually placed there on purpose and can even serve as a teaching tool for the kids on the naughty list. You know those lesson delivering presents, the empty PS5 boxes and others along those lines.

What you don't expect to show up under the tree is a deadly snake. That's exactly what a family in South Africa encountered earlier this week. They didn't just have any deadly snake hanging out under their tree, they had a six-and-a-half foot Black Mamba under the tree.

The highly venomous snake is native to parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Its venom, which is primarily composed of neurotoxins, can kill a person in about twenty minutes.

Snake rescuer Nick Evans was called into recover the snake and documented the whole thing on Facebook. He said, "Santa left me an early Christmas present, although not at my house, no, under someone else's Christmas tree in Queensburgh."

"Well, actually, the snake was outside when it was disturbed by the gardener. It then moved away from him, out of fear, saw the open door, and ducked inside. From there, it went up the Christmas tree and onto a small shelf above it."

During Evans' trip to the family's home the snake relocated to a spot behind a speaker at the bottom of the tree. He explained, "Then, while I was on my way, it slithered back down the tree, and hid at the bottom, behind a speaker."

"I do wish it waited for me on the tree. That would have made for some cool photos!"

Finding A Deadly Snake Under The Tree Is A Sign

The snake rescuer is clearly crazy and so is the family if they didn't immediately have the tree destroyed. Santa can't leave presents anywhere near that tree.

Who's going to reach underneath it to pull a gift out that ended up getting pushed towards the back? Not this guy.

Finding a Black Mamba under your Christmas tree is a sign to cancel all of your plans immediately. Christmas will be celebrated elsewhere and then the house will be put up for sale.

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