Dave Chappelle Can't Be Canceled: He's Hosting Saturday Night Live Once Again

Dave Chappelle is headed back to Studio 8H because try as they might, the left just can't cancel him.

Meanwhile, ailing Saturday Night Live needs him more than he needs them.

He'll be accompanied by musical guest, rap duo Black Star on the show's Nov. 12 episode.

Chappelle last hosted the show in November 2020, hosting alongside musical guest Foo Fighters. However, this will be the first time Chappelle has been tapped to handle hosting duties since his 2021 special The Closer. That Netflix special garnered accusations of homophobia and transphobia.

Others saw it for what it was: a comedy special.

Of course, it's interesting that the notoriously left-leaning sketch show would want a host who drew the ire of cancel culture practitioners.

SNL Needs Chappelle Because It's In Dire Straits

Saturday Night Live is like a sports team. It has good seasons and bad, goes through rebuilds, and has dynastic periods of extreme success.

Right now, it's in the midst of a disastrous run.

If the Andy Samberg/Bill Hader/Kristin Wiig era was the last iteration of SNL competing for championships, then this current era is routinely in draft lottery contention.

No star power to speak of, no sense of danger or that "anything could happen," and most damningly, not a ton of laughs to speak of.

This is why SNL has got to call in Chappelle; to juice the ratings a bit when the show can't bring laughs or eyeballs on its own.

If the show's brass had any convictions, they wouldn't welcome Chappelle back and would instead go down with the ship as the ratings continued to tank.

That would be an altruistic move, especially if they truly thought he was homophobic or transphobic.

Of course, that would also be incredibly stupid.

At least this hints at the idea that Lorne Michales and Co. care —at least to some degree — about doing a decent show.

Unfortunately, it may be too little, too late as the show opened a Pandora's box of wokeness years ago, and may never be able to come back from it.

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