Dave Chappelle Attacker, Isaiah Lee, Rapped About Comedian & His 'Trump Phone'

Isaiah Lee, the 23-year-old who was arrested for attacking comedian Dave Chappelle Tuesday night at the Hollywood Bowl during a live Netflix show, is a wannabe rapper who laid down a 2020 track about the entertainer along with another track about his "Trump phone."

Lee, who goes by "NoName_Trapper" on social media, faces a felony assault with a deadly weapon charge in Tuesday's attack after it was determined that the maniac had a weapon that could discharge a knife if used properly, according to the LAPD.

An examination of Lee's social media channels shows a rapper who could've used the attack on Chappelle as a way to gain street clout for his fledgling career. On Spotify, Lee posted a song titled "Dave Chappell" where he sings “Life with you a joke,” over and over along with "keys to a boat."

The rest of the song -- if you call it that -- is a huge mess of ramblings.

On another one of Lee's hits, "Trump phone," Chappelle's attacker raps "On my Trump phone" over and over followed by “Said I’m slippin’, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

Other than that, Lee's Instagram featured one Instagram Story post from Tuesday featuring the suspect wearing the same clothing he was pictured in after being arrested and taken to the hospital after suffering a beating from Chappelle's security detail.

The Daily Beast reports that Lee's last known address is in Redondo Beach which was discovered via an estate related to Lee's late grandmother. In that filing, it says Lee was raised by his father's mother who was a community activist in Brooklyn.

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