DARWIN AWARD ALERT: Latest Social Media Pranks Might Get People Killed

The latest prank trends on social media are bound to eventually end in absolute disaster.

People on social media have long done stupid things for clout. Ever since the internet has been around, there's always been people willing to push the limits for fame.

It's pretty vanilla most of the time. People like to do stupid dances, make dumb videos or do harmless dances. Well, the latest TikTok trend of walking into strangers' houses unannounced might end in gunfire before it's said in done.

The newest movement involves just showing up to a person's unannounced and walking right in. A viral video filmed in England got things started, but was later removed for violating the social media website's community guidelines, according to the New York Post.

The video is still circulating after being deleted, and it's truly shocking.

Will this TikTok challenge get someone killed?

While the video above happened in London where people don't have guns, it might not be long until the trend becomes popular in America.

At that point, how long do we think it takes before someone gets shot? Five minutes? Two minutes? A few seconds? It won't be long at all.

For example, another viral video shows pranksters pretending to pour gasoline on vehicles to make people think they're going to set it on fire.

One guy immediately pulled a gun, and for good reason. If you think someone is about to torch you in your car, it makes sense you'd start throwing lead.

Do people on social media have a death wish?

The reality of the situation is shockingly simple. Some idiot is going to push someone too far, and they're going to have a hole punched in their chest.

Again, how could you blame someone? If four people walk into your house unannounced and you don't know their intentions, it's reasonable to assume the worse.

The gasoline prank might be even worse. That moron is lucky that old man, who appeared to be rocking a .45, didn't like him up like a Christmas tree.

This nonsense is a reminder how desperate some people are for attention. Imagine risking your life for clout. Seriously, imagine pushing a person who is armed just for some likes on Instagram or TikTok.

I hate to say the younger generation is full of idiots, but you don't see people in their 40s doing this garbage.

Have fun in life, but don't do stuff that is clearly criminal activity for the likes. Best case scenario, you get yelled at. Worst case scenario, six people are going to be carrying your casket.

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