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Tim in Texas better apply for a trademark on his Gauntlet® NFL idea

I'm starting to think OutKick marketing/t-shirt manager Maxx (yes, with two Xs) needs to find me an intern to help handle all the Gauntlet requests that are coming in. Tim in Texas has created a monster with his idea of auctioning off all 32 NFL teams and then 8 players battle it out to see who can create the best cumulative record with four teams. Here are the rules as set forth by Tim in Texas.

As of this morning, I have the following guys looking for a league to join:

Norm in Huntsville, AL

Don McC.

Stephen in Georgia

I'm going to connect these three via email. Let me know if you'd like to be CC'd on that email. Keep in mind, I won't be running this league. I have my hands full just keeping track of the email hotline, but I'm willing to connect those who need a league to join.

Email me -- joekinsey@gmail.com -- and I'll get you guys hooked up.

• Don McC. writes:
Thank you for always telling it like it is and never trying to politicize anything. I'm pleased and proud to be a VIP subscriber to Outkick.

I was a fireman for 30 years and I say this because I'm guessing we share the same thought that when someone wants to show an appreciation of us, a mere "Thank you" - is all we'd ever admit to really wanting in return.  You as well as I and many others; do and did a job.  I never once thought my job was more important than anyone else's; someone who put the time in and tried their best to provide for their families.

This said, "Thank you" is what I have to say to you, Sir.  The enjoyment you bring to the Morning Screencaps is a very welcoming, day-starter.

In closing, I'm one of many who appreciate you, your fellow writers, Clay....and the content - each one of you believes in.  None of us ever have to agree with each other; but there's never an air of hate that is woven into any of your stories nor your peers', at Outkick.  Thank you........for that.
I appreciate that, Don, and thank you for your service as a fireman. I constantly remind myself that the readership here doesn't need a lecture, instruction -- except when it comes to connecting for Gauntlet leagues -- and is definitely smarter than I am. One of the things that drives me bonkers with the media elites out there is that they love to write down to their audience. The media elite outlets feature writers who have zero idea on how to actually connect with their audience.

These media elites don't want to have a beer with you. Instead, they want to tell you how horrible you're living life. Here I am asking you guys to show me your successes. Show me your yards and how much love you've put into taking care of your property. I'm asking you to share new fantasy league ideas.

Why? Because I'm just a common person writing on a website. I'm just like you trying to get through life as best I can while taking care of a family, a dog and my golf clubs.

• Ryan S. in NW Ohio explains his gun mount rig for those who were wondering:

I wish I could say that I fabricated the mount, but it’s actually a weed whacker mount, clearly I don’t use it for that, and it holds a long gun perfectly. Figured I needed something to set my mower apart.

• Erik W. in Maryland suggest I take my yearly college football tailgating to the D3 level:

You may want to give some thought to tailgating at one of the many D-3 schools out there.  The guys at D3football.com have experience and will be more than happy to make some suggestions for you.

Personally, I suggest you make an effort to get to Hampden-Sydney College.  They have a tremendous football and tailgate culture.  Enjoy your column, but please do not sleep on the little guys.  Thanks.

Listen, I'm up for whatever, including D3 football. I'm chasing atmospheres. I did watch a YouTube gameday video on Hampden-Sydney College and I have to say it piqued my interest. For a D3 school, I wasn't expecting to see a tailgating scene in the woods where there are what appear to be well over 100 trucks where people are partying in truck beds.

I still feel like there's one reader who has some sort of BBQ tailgate that's going to blow me away. I'm thinking a whole hog. Beers. Buckets of slaw. Cornbread. Name the city, I'm there.

• Beau in Toledo has a suggestion for Sean C. in Granger, IN who is having riding lawn mower issues.

Could You please pass on my knowledge that I've gained from Robbie at #Janney'sAceHardware of the wonderment of ethanol-free fuel to Mr. Sean? I currently use propeller aircraft fuel (100 octane ) from Toledo Suburban Airport. $5+ a gallon is more than worth it to keep Our #TNML Rigs on point, IMHO. It even brought back to damn-near full strength the 25 yr old #FrankenRider !

I keep it in my 50-year-old John Deere snowblower, as well.

Several gas stations in the Toledo area have even started selling ethanol-free fuel for small-craft engines, about a dollar more than regular fuel per gallon, so be on the lookout, #TNMLFamily!

• Look at that advice! Name another website out there talking fantasy football leagues, propeller aircraft fuel, mower gun mounts and tailgating on a Saturday morning. Go ahead, pass the word to your work buddies, your fantasy league buddies, your fathers, uncles, brothers, etc. that this is the greatest thing going on the Internet these days.

• Be like Dave McC. in Waterloo, Nebraska who sent me the following message Friday after his big debut in the Thursday Night Mowing League:

You just made my week!! I am crazy about this site! Telling all my buddies to check it out!! I am going to have a few Old Mils in your honor!

• Now, I'm off to buy furniture to create a home office for my wife. It appears this work-from-home thing is pretty much permanent at this point. No more working on a folding table for her.

Have a great weekend and I'll see all of you Monday morning.

Email: joekinsey@gmail.com

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