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Tim in Texas is more than willing to share the ins & outs to his NFL Gauntlet league

Tuesday I received a message from Austin C. looking for a way to connect with Tim in Texas. You might remember the Screencaps post when Tim explained how he and seven of his friends have created a Gauntlet where they auction off NFL teams until league members are left with four teams each. Then whichever guy ends up with the most wins from his four teams wins the pot.

“It’s awesome because every year I end up rooting for teams I hate (like the Cowboys, because I’m a human being and all human beings hate the Cowboys) and I follow them all year,” Tim wrote in early July. “Unlike fantasy football, which requires weekly maintenance, the Gauntlet requires no adjustments. It’s just you and 7 guys you can’t wait to tell about how wrong they were when you snagged the lowly, surprise team from the AFC East and they overpaid for the overhyped, returning NFC champion.”

Austin, a Browns fan, wants to create his own Gauntlet and so I connected these two guys Tuesday, and now Tim’s Gauntlet idea appears to be spreading.

Here are the rules Tim has created if you want to open your own Gauntlet league:

Each player is assigned 100 points to buy 4 teams in the auction. Returning champ starts the auction by nominating any team he wants. Then bidding begins. So, he’ll say, “I’ll take the Saints for 15 points.” Then anyone else can outbid him until a final price is reached for the Saints. Then 2nd player nominates a team and so on until all 32 teams are taken. 

Typically, the very top teams go for around 60 points, and the bottom teams go for 1-5 points. The main thing to keep in mind is you have to keep at least 1 point in reserve for each team you have left to buy. So, you can spend 97 points on the TB TomBradys if you like, but then you only have 3 points for 3 teams left. By the way, I predict TB doesn’t finish this season as their starter. He may or may not be effective. Nonetheless, his season ends with a trip to IR-osteporosis.

Last rule is tiebreakers. 36-39 collective wins for your 4 teams is the normal range for the league winner. It does always come down to the last week between the top couple of players. If 2 end up with same amount of wins, we tiebreak by whoever has the one team with the most wins. If my top team had 13 wins and yours had 12, I win. If that’s still a tie, it goes to 2nd team with the most wins. If that’s still a tie, it goes to 3rd team with the most wins. If that’s still a tie, it goes to pistols at dawn. 

Tim told me to send you guys to him with questions. Email me — — and I’ll forward you on to Tim who responded immediately to Austin.

“You’re spearheading a nice little community of guys and gals who like to appreciate a light-hearted side of American culture. Most things aren’t life and death. Most things are just football, back porch brews, and making fun of your friends. I’m pretty sure that’s in the Constitution somewhere….probably towards the back,” Tim wrote in an email to me on Tuesday.

• Are you guys like me…still all jacked up from Tamyra Mensah-Stock’s interview after winning wrestling gold at the Olympics? This is some serious Screencaps energy from Tamyra and makes me want to have her as a neighbor. You bring that energy and that happiness and move on in next to me. Bring your husband, kids…I don’t care. Hell, bring the extended family because this happiness and pride didn’t just start running through her veins. It was born and nurtured in her from a very early age.

I picture Tamyra as the type of neighbor who waves, smiles and means it every single time. Now I just need to get our miserable neighbors to move out.

• I saw this morning that 30-year mortgage fixed rates are back under 3%. “Purchase application volume decreased again, reflecting the ongoing lack of inventory that continues to drive rapid home-price appreciation across the country,” according to the weekly mortgage applications report.

Again, I just need to figure out how to entice my miserable neighbors to sell, cash in and get out so someone with Tamyra’s passion for life can move on in.

• Random thought this morning: There’s something about watering the flowers on a pleasant August night. It calms me before trying to manage four to five days per week watching football. Not that I would ever complain about a job that allows me to do this for a living, but working 10-12 hours and then watching football for five to five and a half months straight is taxing, especially after doing this grind since 2007.

Someone has to do it. Might as well be me.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

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  1. One MILLION percent agree on Tamyra Mensah-Stock’s interview. Get’s you fired up. I’m going to watch this every Thursday before I fire up the mower! Her genuine excitement and happiness is what the Olympics should be all about. Congrats to her! She should be example to others…..U.S. women’s soccer team being the first to pay attention.
    But let’s not gloss over the miserable neighbors. I assume they aren’t Outkick readers. I think we may need some more details on this. Sounds like there could be some good stories here.

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