Dan Campbell Gets Brutally Roasted On 'Hard Knocks'

Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell was the butt of a few jokes during the latest "Hard Knocks" episode.

The Lions brought in comedian Josh Adams to address the team and break up the intensity of training camp, and he wasted no time before targeting Campbell. Specifically, he roasted the second-year NFL head coach for doing up/downs with the team.

"Doing them half up/downs. Them last six didn't count. I seen them b*tches, cuz. They weren't no up-downs … Get your a** down there like everyone else. Let your chest hit the ground, coach. Don't get me like, 'I messed my wrist up.' No, you was bullsh*tting. You old as hell. That's what it is. You ain't f**ked your wrist up," Adams told the team as players roared with laughter.

While Dan Campbell might not have been the one speaking in this situation, it's just another example of him being a content king.

At this point, there's no question whenever Campbell is involved, it's going to be incredible. There's a never-ending stream of videos and content of the Lions coach, and it's all great.

When the man speaks, it's time to listen. In this case, he wasn't doing the talking, but he was getting torn to shreds for doing up/downs with the team as an NFL coach.

It goes to show it's also okay to laugh. Don't take life too seriously. Nobody is going to ever make it out alive.

Plus, if you a little humor helps the guys recharge during camp, it's a great thing for everyone.

Now, will Campbell do up/downs again after getting roasted like this? He almost has to do some more just to let people know he doesn't regret it. Control the narrative, Campbell. Control the narrative.

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