Customer Orders Food At A Whataburger Drive-Thru As The Restaurant Is Being Robbed

A robbery is no reason to shutdown the drive-thru window at a fast-food restaurant. The kitchen, maybe, but you can still serve the customers outside.

A video shared on TikTok revealed this exact scene. Two friends are placing an order at the Whataburger drive-thru when the camera flips revealing a couple of parked police vehicles with their lights flashing.

The clip, which was shared a few days ago and has well over 2 million views, catches the person placing the order ask if the restaurant was being robbed. The caption on the TikTok video reads, "WTF??? THEY REALLY WERE GETTING ROBBED."

After wrapping up her order and receiving her total she asks, "Are y'all getting robbed?"

The Whataburger employee responds with an inquisitive "I'm sorry?"

To which the customer asks again, "Are y'all getting robbed right now?"

A defeated "Yeah" ends the 15-second clip.

Respect To Whataburger For Not Letting A Robbery Slow Them Down

One of the hashtags included in the video's caption revealed that the robbery took place at one of the Destin, Florida locations. Because of course it did.

There were no complaints about the order in the comment section. Just the opposite actually. The Whataburger employee commented on the clip.

She said, "That's my Whataburger I remember yall! I took your order Lmaooo."

The customer who shared the clip responded and confirmed that their experience was a positive one. While not mentioning the order specifically she said, "YAAAASSS we were literally just talking ab how nice u were."

That's just how they roll in Florida. So what you got robbed and police are currently on the scene investigating the robbery. That's no reason to shutdown the drive-thru.

Additionally, being robbed is no reason to screw up those orders or deliver them without a smile on your face. The employees at this Whataburger location deserve a decent raise.

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