Crocodile Ruins Picnic, Steals Cooler In Awesome Video

Don't mess with crocodiles out in the wild.

As OutKick readers know, the animal thunderdome isn't something we take lightly here. Oftentimes, it seems like nature is out to knock humans off the top of the nature power pyramid.

So far, we've done a nice job of holding them off. Every once in awhile humans get a reminder that animals aren't out here playing games.

Enter a crocodile in what appeared to possibly be Australia.

Crocodile steals cooler, puts on a show for picnic goers.

In a viral Facebook video shared by Latest Sightings - Kruger, a group of people were attempting to enjoy a nice picnic, but a reasonably large crocodile had very different plans.

The croc jacked the people's cooler, took off with it into the water and proceeded to get into it with a second crocodile over possession of the cooler.

Check out the awesome sequence of the events below.

You can't let nature win.

Many people reading this right now are probably huge fans of animals. Perhaps, you have a bunch of dogs or cats in your house. Maybe, you're a big outdoorsman who enjoys hunting deer, elk and other animals.

You won't get any disagreement from me. I love animals. However, this isn't about your cute little dog. Not at all.

This is about reminding nature who is king. The humans are king, and it might be time to send a message.

Think about it this way for a quick second. If some random person stole a cooler of beer, you might decide that's a good enough excuse to throw some blows. Yet, you're just going to let a crocodile saunter off with it?

Not on my watch. You have to wrestle that thing for the sake of your cold beer (please do not actually take this as serious advice) because once they get a single inch on you, they won't ever give it up.

Whether it's crocodiles, sharks or something else, the animal thunderdome is very real and we can't let those beasts win, especially when there's cold drinks involved.

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