Man Used Knife To Fight Off Crocodile That Launched Itself At His Friend & Bit His Head

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In yet another sign of the apocalypse, crocodiles are apparently launching themselves at people in Australia. One man was bitten earlier this week by one such crocodile and is lucky to be alive.

The Australian man is recovering in the hospital after a crocodile launched himself at him and bit his head. His friend, who was armed with a knife, sprung into action to fight off the large reptile.

The men were crabbing near Horizontal Falls in the Kimberly region of Western Australia on Monday at the time of the crazy attack.

(Photo by Sabir Mazhar/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A man who says his son’s friend was involved in the attack described the scene to a local radio station. He said that the crocodile lunged and “grabbed one of them by the head.”

The caller then said the man’s friend went straight Crocodile Dundee on the animal and stabbed it in the head.

“His mate who was in the tinny with him, a quick thinker, grabbed a knife and stabbed the croc in the head with a knife,” he said.

Be Careful Out In The Wild

According to an alert issued, this isn’t the first time a crocodile has launched itself at people in the area. The alert warned people to be cautious and to maintain a safe distance from crocodiles.

The alert added, “Earlier this year, a similar sized crocodile was reported launching itself towards vessels at this location.”

A friend willing to jump to your aid and stab a crocodile in the head is a friend for life. I assume that’s a lot of people in Australia based on what Paul Hogan taught me growing up.

Written by Sean Joseph

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