Cowboys Fans Were Being Typical Morons Sunday At AT&T Stadium

How 'bout 'dem Cowboys!

It was a fairly typical Sunday at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas where Dallas Cowboys fans fought with each other and acted like prototypical Cowboys idiots -- to be fair, we're talking isolated incidents -- during a 20-17 victory over the defending AFC champion Bengals.

At least this week Cowboys fans weren't curb-stomping some guy wearing at 420 jersey like Week One when fans threw trash at Dak Prescott after he left the game with an injury.

Sunday was tame in comparison, but it's always fun to see Cowboys fans in their element causing chaos, so let's get right to it!

Like I said, it was a tame week. We had plastic bottles flying around and bouncing off heads.

Next up, we have CeeDee Lamb fan who wants to go toe-to-toe with a Cowboys representative who appears to be telling the tough guy to settle it down like the other fans who are trying to enjoy a game.

88 appears to refuse which ultimately leads to his removal and what appears to be a tribute to D Generation X, but I'm not a wrestling expert like many of you, so don't hold me to it.

After two home games, things are about to get real interesting with a trip to MetLife for Monday Night Football against the 2-0 Giants. We're talking about a stadium where Cowboys fans haven't played games in the past. You might remember way back in 2011, a 'boys fan blasted a Jets fan with a Taser during an upper-deck brawl.

And in 2014, reported that the State Police ramp up staffing when Dallas comes to town. That year alone, there were 25 arrests during the Cowboys-Giants game.

MetLife is continuously near the top of NFL stadiums for arrests.

Throw in the emotions of 2022, Giants fans thinking their franchise is back and mix in Cowboys fans and you have all the makings of a wild Week 3 matchup.

Buckle up.

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