Country Star Aaron Lewis Leads Crowd In 'F--- Joe Biden' Chant

Country artist Aaron Lewis still has that rock n’ roll streak in him, giving two middle fingers to the establishment any chance he gets. At Staind’s recent reunion show in Scranton, Pa., Lewis took the opportunity to lead the crowd in a “F*ck Joe Biden” chant in the president’s birthplace.

Lewis’ career as a solo country musician with an outspoken conservative bent has paid dividends: his single, “Am I the Only One” hit No. 1 on country radio not long ago. He’s also been known to rock anti-establishment shirts on stage, with messages like “F*ck Biden,” “Impeach Biden,” and “I Could Sh*t a Better President.” (Author’s note: lol).

Lewis got the crowd fired up during a reunion show with bandmates from Staind—drummer Sal Giancarelli seemed into the stunt, while the rest of the band seemed neutral—which was co-headlined by Korn, another hard rock band from yesteryear. It’s not clear if Korn’s musicians felt the same way as Lewis.

Musicians taking sides against politicians is nothing new, though the pro-conservative angle gets far less press than the anti-conservative alternative. A slew of bands thought they were fighting the good fight by standing up to Trump, but now that the balance of power has shifted, it seems as if the quiet majority is getting more vocal, at least on stage.

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