Country Music Star Zach Bryan Releases Hilarious Tour Promo Featuring Theo Von

Zach Bryan joined forces with comedian Theo Von to hype up his upcoming tour.

Bryan has become an unstoppable force in the country music industry, and while George Strait will always be the king, the former sailor seems hellbent on solidifying himself as the prince.

Given his insane popularity, his fans are prime targets for ticket scams. That's why he released a video starring Von announcing dates, locations, prices and making sure to let the people know he has no control over taxes and fees. It's very on-brand for Bryan, who recently dropped an album titled "All My Homies Hate Ticketmaster."

Zach Bryan is on an absolute roll.

This man is truly unstoppable. His music is downright incredible, and he's more or less been tasked with saving country music from the pop garbage that's becoming far too normal.

Bryan's music isn't all sunshine and roses. It has some serious edge and grit to it, and it can even get a bit dark. That's why people love it and why it resonates with so many fans.

Now, he's gearing up for a massive tour across America that is absolutely going to sellout from coast to coast.

Clearly, he's also looking out for the common man and the guy who actually has to work for a living. By attempting to destroy the ability to resell on the secondary market, it takes away all incentive to scoop up tickets. In theory, that should keep prices low, which helps the working man.

Roping in Theo Von was the perfect way to amp up fans with some funny content. Again, Bryan is simply unstoppable.

Now, I have to scurry off and figure out which one of these shows I can find my way to. Something tells me many of you will be doing the same!

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