Corgi Race Goes Awry At Seahawks Game

Anyone who left their seat at halftime to grab a beer or take a leak at the Seahawks-Falcons game missed a show. A corgi race during halftime went completely off the rails Sunday afternoon in Seattle.

I'm not sure why they did a corgi race. It could be a tradition for all I know, or maybe a tip of the cap to Queen Elizabeth II, or maybe just that people find their short legs hilarious.

It just seems a little Double-A baseball to me, but that's okay.

Whatever the reason, a few stubby-legged speed machines took to Lumen Field to show off their wheels.

One dog, in particular, decided to make the corgi race all about itself.

The dog that obliterated the competition decided to make a fool out of the Seahawks' in-game entertainment staff by taking a victory lap, then showing on to show some of the best agility the corgi racing world has ever seen,

I'm pretty sure corgi races are usually like drag races because a corgi has the turning radius of a battleship thanks to their short legs and long bodies.

Not this pup.

It was breaking ankles and left and right like it was hoping some scouts in the up in the pressbox would sign it as a third-string running back.

There was nothing but embarrassed interns in its wake. Just a stellar performance.

I think we need to see that corgi take on the Seahawks' live mascot, Taima the Hawk, the very hawk that Robert Griffin III raced a few weeks back.

That would keep (a few) people in their seats between halves.

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