Congressional Cemetery Intern Travels To Cemeteries To Get Recipes Off Gravestones

Everyone has a hobby or some kind of special interest that they put time into. Rarely do they involve the cemetery and baked goods. Although there was that one guy who liked to pee on his ex-wife's grave, but I don't recall any baked goods being involved.

That said, there's at least one woman who has taken up a hobby that involves both. And she's decided to share it on social media. Her name is Rosie Grant and she's a digital librarian from California who did some interning for a congressional cemetery.

It was during that internship that Grant discovered her new hobby. She read an article about a cookie recipe left on a gravestone. That sparked her own interest in gravestone recipes.

She now travels to cemeteries across the country to find new recipes. She doesn't just collect the recipes, she makes videos of the experience that she then shares on social media.

Gravestone Recipes Are Really A Thing

Naturally, her gravestone recipe videos have gone viral. Because who doesn't love cemeteries and recipes? Here are few of those videos, which have millions of views.

Who knew recipes on gravestones were even a thing? I now have something new to do the next time I pay a visit to the cemetery.

There's no way I'm going to make whatever the recipe is, if I find one. But I'm definitely going to be looking.

It also has me thinking about what I might want to leave on my own gravestone. I'm still work-shopping some ideas so I don't have anything to share at the moment.

Back to the cemetery intern, her story made enough noise to end up on the Kelly Clarkson Show. Kelly confirmed that Grant's favorite gravestone recipe is delicious.

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