Comedian Gets Stuck In Snow; Great Americans Bail Him Out

Comedian Bert Kreischer learned firsthand that there are some great people in America.

The legendary comedian found his bus stuck in some deep snow in Bismarck, North Dakota, but the locals didn't let him waste away.

Complete strangers showed up with vehicles, plows, shovels and even got their hands on some alcohol to help Kreischer. Before long, they had the bus ready to roll. Watch the awesome situation unfold below.

This video from Bert Kreischer represents the best of America.

There's nothing that summed up that interaction better than Kreischer stating, "I hate to say this out loud, but I don't think you'd see this in Los Angeles."

There's nothing that can beat people in the midwest and the general region. I say that as someone who grew up in Wisconsin. People love the opportunity to help.

Kreischer seemed surprised by how helpful these guys were. I'm not at all. This was their Super Bowl. They drive around with plows on their trucks just waiting for the chance to be a hero.

When Kreischer's bus needed help, the entire community seemingly showed up. After all, you're not going to be the only guy in North Dakota with a plow who didn't show up.

True story that relates to this. I crashed my vehicle as a teenager during a rough winter in Wisconsin. No fewer than four people offered to pull me out before my dad eventually did.

That's just what people in the midwest are like. The fact they enjoyed a few drinks along the way is just the cherry on top. Remember, there are a ton of great people in this country. This video is proof of that fact, and it was great to see.

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