Cole Beasley Defends Kyrie Irving, Takes Shot At Buffalo Bills And All Professional Sports

Cole Beasley isn't a fan of the Nets suspending Kyrie Irving.

In a now-viral Tweet, Beasley defended Irving's right to free speech. He took aim at his former team, the Buffalo Bills, in a 2-for-1 message that managed to anger everyone.

Responding to a tweet from Bleacher Report saying the Nets have suspended Irving for five games without pay, Beasley said he wouldn't "miss this part of professional sports."

Cole Beasley doesn't agree with Kyrie Irving suspension

Beasley, for those who don't remember, didn't exactly leave Buffalo on the greatest of terms.

And by that, I mean the team basically cut him after a tumultuous final season. One that saw him publicly question both the COVID-19 vaccine and the NFL’s treatment of unvaccinated players.

ESPN later reported that Beasley was quietly fined nearly $100K for his actions, the Bills parted ways with him a few months later, and he was a free agent most of this year.

Beasley briefly signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last month, but only lasted two games before retiring from the NFL altogether.

Clearly, the 33-year-old is still bitter about the breakup.

Kyrie Irving suspended, will lose over $2 million in game checks

Irving has been at the forefront of the news all week after he was criticized for posting a link to a film titled Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.

The film contains racially charged messaging, which Irving has not voiced or discussed at length.

The Nets then assigned their five-game suspension after Irving spoke to reporters on Thursday and reiterated that he cannot be antisemitic and has a firm understanding of his beliefs. The ban will cost Irving over $2 million in game checks.

OutKick founder Clay Travis reacted to Brooklyn’s suspension of Irving, calling it hypocritical for the NBA to condemn Kyrie while Joe Tsai disregards China’s ongoing human rights violations against millions of Uyghur Muslims.

Tsai is the executive vice chairman of Alibaba, one of China’s most prominent companies.

“The Brooklyn Nets are suspending Kyrie Irving for his opinions while allowing Joe Tsai, who defends actual Muslim genocide in China, to own the team. Please explain, Adam Silver. Seems like the player is being held to a far higher standard than the owner,” Clay tweeted.

Irving apologized late Thursday in an Instagram post.

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