CNN Reporter's Car Robbed While Reporting On Crime In San Francisco

A CNN reporter learned first-hand just how miserable San Francisco is.

Correspondent Kyung Lah was in town to report on rampant street crime when she discovered that her rental car had been broken into - even with security reportedly on hand to watch the vehicle.

Like Lah's luggage, somebody is losing their job!

"Got robbed. Again," she wrote on Twitter. "@jasonkCNN & I were at city hall in San Francisco to do an interview for @CNN. We had security to watch our rental car + crew car. Thieves did this in under 4 seconds. Security stopped the jerks from stealing other bags. But seriously- this is ridiculous."

CNN finds out how bad crime is in San Francisco

Four seconds?! What a heist. San Francisco is an absolute hotbed for criminals right now, and they appear to have perfected the art of thievery.

Kyung and the rest of the CNN crew made the trip from LA to cover “voter discontent because of rampant street crime.” Guess the people ain't lying.

There is some good news, though! According to reports, overall crime has slightly decreased the first three months of 2023 compared to the same time last year. The bad news, however, is that the criminals have apparently turned all their attention to robbery, which has continued to soar.

Data from the San Francisco Police Department shows that there have been 525 reported robberies in the city since Jan. 1.

Apparently, the security guard on site attempted to stop the crooks, but it was to no avail. He did, however, capture a picture of the car as it drove away.

The crew's bags were later found by a local restaurant owner who said the robbers dumped the luggage because ... they were trying to steal ANOTHER car!

Good thing they found it, too, because Lah's passport and ID were in the stolen luggage, which seemingly would have prevented her from flying home.

Except, just kidding! Crime is apparently SO common in San Francisco that Southwest sees this all the time and has a built-in workaround.


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