CNN Is Attempting To Hire Charles Barkley: REPORT

CNN is reportedly gunning for NBA legend Charles Barkley.

The news network is currently facing some serious problems that CEO Chris Licht is tasked with fixing. Licht's two biggest problems at the moment appear to be falling ratings and Don Lemon behaving like a petulant child - seriously, how does that dude still have a job?

Well, one of his Hail Mary plans to save the network is to bring Charley Barkley into the primetime lineup, according to Puck News.

"Licht is now in negotiations to bring Charles Barkley to CNN for a news-oriented primetime show, two sources with knowledge of the matter tell me. Yes, Charles Barkley," Puck News' Dylan Byers reported.

If Barkley moves to the network, a show would be crafted where he would interview "newsmakers, journalists, and other guests about various topics of the day," according to the same report.

CNN reportedly hopes Barkley's casual attitude might play better than traditional primetime news.

Can Charles Barkley save CNN?

As basketball fans know, Barkley has been wildly successful on "Inside the NBA" on TNT. He talks to viewers like a random guy at a bar would. He's casual, charismatic, fun and most importantly, he doesn't take himself too seriously.

Most people in the media believe they're important and can/should shape outcomes. That's a pathetic mindset that should be rejected. It's also something Barkley has never had an issue with.

People love Chuck, and he loves them right back. From a pure entertainment standpoint, it would be a GREAT hire by Licht.

This could be REALLY bad news for Don Lemon and Jim Acosta.

The fact Chris Licht is targeting moderate people for primetime roles should be a sign Lemon and Jim Acosta could be heading for the CNN graveyard.

CNN already added Bill Maher's overtime segment from "Real Time" to the network. The HBO superstar is liberal, but he's not insane. He believes in crazy things like biology and that wokeness is a cancer that must be stopped. Crazy, right?

CNN has vowed to move closer to the center in an attempt to save the network, and adding Maher and gauging Barkley's interest is proof that intent is being taken seriously.

Both men are common sense, even if Maher can occasionally throw out a bit of a wild take from time to time. With CNN pivoting to Bill Maher and possibly Charles Barkley, how long will Don Lemon and Jim Acosta stick around?

If there's two people right at the top of the list partisan hacks, it's both of them. Again, how Lemon has a job at this point is nothing short of mind-boggling.

There's plenty to criticize about CNN and other outlets that tend to trend left. That criticism is warranted, but it's also important to point out the positives. CNN hiring Charles Barkley would be a huge step in the right direction. Fans would love the move, it would bring CNN closer to its viewers and it might signal the end of Lemon and Acosta. Keep your fingers crossed!

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