Clemson Fan Gets Lit Up In A Rare Win For The Low Man In A Stadium Brawl

Like Boise State beating Oklahoma on hook and ladder play in the Fiesta Bowl way back in 2007, we saw a rare moment Monday night at the Mercedes Benz Dome where a Clemson fan with higher ground lost a fan fight to some goofy kid wearing white Crocs who threw some absolute bombs.

I've written out the rules hundreds of times: Never give up the higher ground during a stadium brawl. It never turns out well.

There might need to be a disclaimer: *unless you're fighting a Clemson fan who sticks his nose within range of your punches.

Watch this and you tell me what Clemson fan did wrong.

That's right, he lowers his head and eats a couple of clean rights that turned his nose into a faucet. Notice how Trevor Lawrence fan goes to his nose immediately after the fight? He caught those punches from white Crocs kid.

And with that, the fighter with the higher ground goes into the loss column.

If there's anything you don't want to be known for within the stadium fighting community, it's as the Clemson fan who suffered defeat by ducking into multiple rights.

What a weekend it was for fans fighting at college football games, especially in Atlanta where Georgia fans brawled Saturday while their team was kicking Oregon's ass.

It's going to be a big fall for fan fights. Wait until NFL teams meet in a few days. The Raiders go to Los Angeles on opening day. Expect a prison yard street fight -- or three.

Stone Cold just waiting for one of them to test his old man strength:

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