Chris Fowler Shares Insane Story About Burt Reynolds Trying To Fight Him

Burt Reynolds wasn't a fan of Chris Fowler.

Reynolds was one of the greatest actors in the history of Hollywood. That's a fact everyone knows, but what people might not know is he had a longstanding feud with Chris Fowler. At its peak, it almost ended in blows during an FSU game.

"Burt had become convinced I'd made a joke on GameDay about his divorce with Loni Anderson. Pure mistaken identity. We didn't joke about stuff like that on the show. I couldn't convince Burt it wasn't me," Fowler explained to Paul Finebaum when laying the groundwork for the beef.

Then, he dived into when Reynolds, a former Florida State football player, confronted him on the sidelines of a Florida State game and things quickly escalated.

"He gets up in my face and says, 'You don't want to fight a 70-year-old man right here on this field, and I said, 'No, Burt. You're right. I don't,'" Fowler added. The ESPN star said there were no good options. He would either beat up an old man and go to jail, or get his "ass" kicked by an elderly dude. Either way, de-escalation was his only option.

The legend of Burt Reynolds continues to grow.

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that Burt Reynolds is among the GOATs to come out of Hollywood. When he was at his best, he was pretty much untouchable.

We're talking about the man who gave fans "The Longest Yard" and "Smokey and the Bandit." Reynolds was an elite talent.

Now, we're finding out he was such a hardo that he once threatened to take on Fowler in a packed football stadium over a case of mistaken identity.

Not only did Burt Reynolds attempt to get it on during an FSU game, but he apparently also took a shot at Fowler during the ESPYs backstage. Again, Fowler claims it was 100% a case of mistaken identity, but clearly, Reynolds couldn't be convinced.

Reynolds passed away in 2018, and when he died Hollywood lost one of the few true legends to ever exist in the industry. It's great to see his legend keeps growing even after his death.