Chinese Spy Balloon Successfully Gathered Intel, Despite Claims It Was Being Blocked: REPORT

China reportedly successfully transmitted information from its destroyed spy balloon as it flew over America.

The Chinese spy balloon captivated the attention of the nation after it was spotted over Montana. It was able to cross the entire country before the military destroyed it off the coast of the Carolinas in early February.

The Biden administration attempted to convince everyone there was no serious threat and efforts were underway to block transmitting.

Chinese spy balloon transmit information to Beijing.

Well, those efforts apparently failed. NBC reported China "was able to gather intelligence from several sensitive American military sites, despite the Biden administration’s efforts to block it from doing so."

China also had the ability to control the balloon's movements. American officials believe the balloon collected electronic signals that are picked up from weapons and communications, according to the same NBC report.

While the efforts to block transmitting weren't completely successful, three officials believe the efforts could have at least stunted how much information the Chinese stole.

China, which has perhaps the most corrupt government in the world, has maintained the spy balloon was nothing more than a civilian balloon. That seems like a hell of a claim because NBC reported the balloon had a self-destruct feature.

How many civilian spy balloons are loaded with explosives to detonate before falling into enemy hands? Not many that I know of. But again, let's just take the Chinese at their word.

Is there any upside to the situation?

The only positive that might exist in this situation is there's been speculation the United States of America was able to poach some information from the spy balloon.

Peter Ziehan, a popular geopolitical expert, speculated the USA was able to rip all kinds of information from the spy balloon.

If that's true, it's a positive. However, it seems unlikely that would offset any information the Chinese stole.

The entire spy balloon saga was ultimately incredibly embarrassing for the USA. We're the world's greatest military superpower, and a Chinese spy balloon transmitted information under the watch of President Joe Biden and his administration. Not great, folks. Not great at all. Our enemies don't fear us, and that's not a situation anyone wants to be in.

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