Chad Johnson Has Troubling Experience In Qatar Ahead Of The World Cup

Chad Johnson's experience in Qatar might be a sign of things to come during the World Cup.

The World Cup starts in November in the highly restrictive Middle East country, and the rules are absolutely bonkers. One of the rules foreigners will have to learn to follow is that public displays of affection aren't supported in Qatar.

Unfortunately for Johnson, he learned that firsthand.

He tweeted Wednesday that he was "reprimanded" for showing affection while at the airport. He claimed authorities made him "nervous like I was going to jail."

Is Chad Johnson's experience a preview of what awaits fans at the World Cup?

Fortunately, Johnson got off the hook without getting in any hot water, but that might not be the same for thousands and thousands of fans heading to the World Cup.

Let's run down a few rules for fans at the World Cup:

There's been a weird movement to convince people it's going to be a totally normal experience in Qatar, but as Johnson's story proves, Qatar doesn't play around with its laws, regulations and rules.

It's not like America. You can't do whatever you want, and that might be a reality check for a lot of people once they land in November.

We're talking about a highly restrictive Arab country. You don't want to end up in a Qatari jail just because you hammered a couple beers and got a little intimate. Yet, it's almost guaranteed to happen.

If you are traveling to Qatar, you should keep your head on a swivel. While Johnson got off, many others might not.

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